Our clients love our buses and we have had nothing but great reviews. As a matter of fact, 100 % positive

What We Do?

  • Birthday parties

  • Sweet 16/ Teen parties

  • Graduations/ proms

  • Weddings bachelor

  • Corporate Parties

  • Dancers available

  • Family Reunions

  • Sport Games

  • New Year eve

  • Casinos(coming soon)



Bronze Package

$600.00 $599.99

Seats 16 but we have had 20 on here if you don’t mind standing

Up to you!

4 hours of of our atl party bus experience. not including tip. Smoke machine, led lights, glass floor display , black lights, Under bus leds

Front of bus Display , water fall feature, diamond tuck interior seats, 8 cup holders, lighted dance pole, bar area, 2 TVs, Bluetooth & input for your playlist preference. Glass lighted floor display, 14 speakers for that bass to make the party rock! ,

4 (6×9 and 4 )5 1/4 mids for a great sound. Phone hookup outlets for a much needed charge on your dead phone from all the pics you are taking. Hardwood floors,rear a/c and heat, custom curve interior(so you not looking like a square 📦) friendly, drivers that can take on any situation if needed. We got you covered!

*no alcohol for kids under 21

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16 passenger 4-hour package


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Do we have to tip driver?

Yes our drivers get paid from tips. we try to keep the price down as much as possible so we don’t include a automatic tip. Our drivers do a great job trying to make sure you guys have fun and are safe. If he / she did that , then please tip . Thanks.

Can we smoke on the bus?

{NO CIGS} we try to provide a smoke free environment and also keep our interior as new and clean as possible. So we say no, however if you need the driver to pull over , feel free to ask. You pay for that time.

What age do you have to be to drink on bus?

21 is legal age in Georgia

Can I add on extra hours if needed ?

Yes, depending on the season and if we have other parties set up or not. But yes extra hours can be bought

Can I get my Deposit back?:

Deposits are non refundable but can be used up to 6 months after the rental date. Only if client canceled the party /event 1 week before the event date to give us time to rent the bus in that spot. If the date is within a week, it will be no deposit or time slot back.

Can we go to different clubs/ spots?

yes we can go to different spots, and or clubs as long as its in your time slot, and in range.

Can we bring food?

Yes food is allowed, their is a small area where food can sit. ATL Party buses is not responsible for food falling, or ants,etc . we take no responsibility for food or drinks.

Do we control music or you do?

Our music is bluetooth and we recommend that you make a playlist before your party date. the music is one of the most important things to keep the party going. It can make or Break a parties vibe.

What do ATL Party buses provide?

We provide cups and ice. and also we provide a note to help with serving you guys and helping with music. We feel this is safe, so that the driver can stay focus on roads.


What other features do your bus have?

We thought you would never ask!  Our buses vary from bus to bus, but for the most part our buses have everything from water falls, smoke machines, led light inside and out, led display to display the type of party ( happy birthday fred), ice cooler, cup holders, charging ports, tvs, etc.

Why pick ATL Party buses ?

Craig Our boss loves his clients and what to make sure you guys have the best party bus experience . He makes sure our bus is inspected before every trip, checks every bus before it leaves, and makes sure the bus is out of our lot on- time to make sure your party is set to go without any hold ups. He has been in business for 23 years and he knows what it take to run a business. Ours buses are new on the insides, just built in 2018 so its not old interior, and smelling like smoke. Our sound system is great. And when we let you out in front of a club, you feel like a star. He also provides small things like red carpet. See if have to see for your self. with 100% 5 star great reviews you can’t lose with us.

What happens if a bus breaks down?

This is the fear we all have, but is does happen! Craig the owners talks about this all the time. It hasn’t happen yet (cross our fingers) but we are affiliated with other companies and we have each others backs. We also have other buses that we could use if they are not out. We try our best to make sure you are happy. And some cases a refund will most likely be refunded depending on problem.

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